Two Locations in an Ideal Environment

Ascent Aviation Services locations in Tucson is along a multi-modal transportation route that includes multiple major interstate roadways, air transportation including air freight, and railways that link the east and west coasts. Pinal Air Park (MZJ) is located in Marana, Arizona and has the benefit of being located within 100 miles of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and 40 miles from Tucson International Airport (TUS) allowing international customers a number of choices for airline travel and timely customs processes.

Arizona has a desert climate, with two major seasons, summer and winter; plus two minor seasons: fall and spring. The southwest desert is an ideal climate for aircraft maintenance and storage operations boasting greater than 300 days of sunshine per year with an average temperature of 70°F (21°C) and very low humidity. Mild winter weather enhances our ability to work outdoors while many U.S. MRO facilities are at risk of ice and snow related delays.

MZJ Pinal Air Park
Pinal Air Park

Full service narrow & wide body aircraft MRO located at the far northwest side of Tucson, Arizona.

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TUS Tucson International Airport
Tucson International Airport

Full service narrow body aircraft MRO, flight line and fuel services on TUS grounds.

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TUS Tucson International Airport
Guest Services

Information and guide while visiting our facilities in Tucson Arizona.

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