Arizona-based 世界杯外围平台世界杯外围平台公司 is planning to expand to the Roswell Air Center and hire 360 employees in New Mexico for airplane repair and 维护 services, 经济发展部内阁部长艾丽西亚. Keyes今天宣布.


世界杯外围平台世界杯外围平台公司 has signed a letter of intent to commence operations at the Roswell Air Center. The firm is set to hire 130 employees in the first year, for a total of 360 over the next five years. 预计工人的平均年薪为54,000美元.

新墨西哥州, 通过地方经济发展法案(LEDA)创造就业基金, 由经济发展局管理, 已承诺高达400万美元支持该项目, while 查维斯县 has committed an additional $3 million in utility and infrastructure improvements. 提升计划在新墨西哥州投资1800万美元. The project is expected to have a statewide economic impact of $545 million over 10 years.

“这里有湛蓝的天空和竞争激烈的商业环境, 新墨西哥州继续吸引着顶级航空航天公司,“政府. 米歇尔·卢扬·格里沙姆说. “罗斯威尔航空中心是一个独特的经济驱动力, 在我政府的支持下, 继续为该地区带来高质量和高收入的就业机会, 我很高兴欢迎阿森特航空公司来到加州." "The Roswell Air Center has been a tremendous asset in 查维斯县," Cabinet Secretary Keyes said. "The state is fortunate to have LEDA and other incentives that can help 提升 and other companies expand or relocate in New Mexico and bring higher paying jobs to rural communities.”

提升 is a one-stop shop for aircraft 维护 including storage, 维护, 回收, 和加油. 服务范围窄, 宽体, 支线飞机, 并且对波音公司有授权, 庞巴迪, 巴西航空工业公司, 和空中客车飞机. It also services airlines, cargo operators, leasing companies, and VIPs.

提升 has two facilities in Arizona with approximately 500 employees. Its locations at the Pinal Air Park and Tucson International Airport span 1,230英亩土地和5个机库.

这里曾是美国战略轰炸机基地.S. 空军基地于1967年关闭, the Roswell Air Center is already used by airlines and leasing companies for storage of unused jets and private planes. The facility has a 13,000-foot long runway and is suitable for larger, heavier 宽体 planes. 停在罗斯威尔的500架飞机经常需要维护, 油漆, 或维修, 他们有时不得不飞往其他地方去获得这些服务.

大卫·T. Querio, 提升世界杯外围平台总裁, 他认为搬到新墨西哥州是一个很好的扩张机会. 提升, 连同目前的飞机保障业务, will make the Roswell Air Center a full-service operations center for 维护, 维修大修.

“The Roswell Airport is an incredible facility with a large volume of aircraft already parked there as a result of COVID-19 and other factors limiting operations. Sometimes those planes have limited options for heavy 维护 and service and have to be ferried out. This facility will provide an option to keep those jobs and revenue in New Mexico,” Querio said.

提升’s leased space will cover 10 acres and the company plans to construct a 维护 hangar large enough for 宽体 jets. The state and local investment in the project makes it possible to move forward sooner and with more certainty.

“The state and county incentives show that New Mexico has a strong desire to bring in new businesses and create good jobs. There can be a lot of pain associated with this type of expansion and everyone from Cabinet Secretary Keyes and Economic Division Director Mark Roper on down, 包括来自新墨西哥州的额外人员, 查维斯县, 还有罗斯威尔城, 他们都表现出了帮助别人的意愿吗. 这使得这种扩张成为可能。.

罗斯威尔牧场主蒂姆·詹宁斯, 他是前州参议员,一直是航空中心的倡导者说, the project will jump start utility extensions in the public corridors adjacent to the land – and that investment will attract even more businesses and new jobs.

“Everyone has worked together and this project is a win-win for the community. 罗斯威尔很便宜, 这项工作在航空业有很大的市场,詹宁斯说. He added that many of the students who earn a degree in air-frame mechanics at the ENMU-Roswell Branch Campus and moved to Dallas where they service big jets “will now be able to come back home.”

查维斯县委员会主席威尔·卡文说, “查维斯县衷心欢迎阿森特航空团队. It is our privilege to facilitate this new partnership with them and the State of New Mexico that was made possible by the Roswell-查维斯县 Economic Development Corporation, 前州参议员蒂姆·詹宁斯, 还有罗斯威尔城."

"The City of Roswell is excited about the new large hangar project with 提升 Aviation,市长丹尼斯·金泰补充道. "Roswell has emerged as a significant player in the worldwide aviation Maintenance, 修复, 大修(MRO)行业. The 提升 hangar will substantially expand the capabilities and options here in Roswell. 在一起, 世界杯外围平台现有的设施和其他计划的改善, 世界杯外围平台的目标是成为航空MRO运营的全球领导者."

"We are excited to welcome 提升 Aviation’s expansion of their operations to Roswell- 查维斯县. The many jobs they will create in the growing aviation MRO industry here underscores our vision of future growth for aviation industries at the Roswell Air Center,迈克·埃斯皮里图说道, 罗斯韦尔-查韦斯县经济发展公司总裁.说,. “世界杯外围平台很欣赏高科技工作机会, 资本投资, and partnerships with 提升 and our community and pledge our full support to their success."

提升 also plans to offer scholarship and internship opportunities for students studying aircraft 维护 at Eastern New Mexico University in Roswell and Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque.

“Wherever possible we are looking to provide training and assistance so we can grow our own mechanics. We know the importance of bringing something of this magnitude to Roswell,” Querio said.

提升世界杯外围平台公司位于马拉那市的皮纳尔航空公园, AZ, 是阿森特世界杯外围平台公司的姐妹公司, LLC位于图森国际机场.



世界杯外围平台世界杯外围平台公司 is located within the ideal Arizona climate, and is one of the largest aircraft 维护 operations in the world providing fully integrated aviation 维护, 维修大修 (MRO), line 维护, storage and 回收 services to owners, operators and lessors of wide body, narrow body, 支线飞机. 世界杯外围平台世界杯外围平台公司 currently operates two 维护 facilities that span more than 1,250 acres and houses 5 亚利桑那州南部的飞机库. 提升世界杯外围平台公司获得了美国航空法规14cfr Part 145的IV类认证 维修站和维护批准 & 全球监管机构认证 包括FAA, EASA, BDA/AMO, TCCA, NCAA和2-REG.

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